Resilience as an Enabler: Converging Horizons and Crossing Borders

In today's rapidly evolving landscape of uncertainty, the synergy between diverse risk management disciplines and security is paramount. The ISRM Nordic States Chapter, in partnership with our sponsors Crane Currency and Human Risks, is hosting "Resilience as an Enabler: Converging Horizons and Crossing Borders", an event that will delve into the intricate balance of merging disciplines across the resilience spectrum, as well as the collaborative efforts across departments and borders.

  • Date: 28th September 2023
  • Time: 14:00 - 17:00
  • Venue: Klub, Linnesgade 25, Copenhagen, Denmark
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Our esteemed speakers, including Jonas Rasmussen, Head of Physical Security and Resilience at Danske Bank, Mikael Rasmussen, Head of Global Security at Maersk, and Mike Prout, Vice President of Global Security at Crane Currency, will share their insights and prespective on physical security, cyber resilience, cross-departmental risk management, and more.

Join us for an afternoon of networking, knowledge sharing and strategic discussions.