Global Crisis Watch 268

You are invited to join us for Global Crisis Watch 268, on Friday, March 22nd at 10.00 GMT.


The highlighted topics will include:

US Pushes for Ceasefire Amidst Gaza Crisis, Strains with Israel Deepen

The relationship between the US and Israel is under strain, marked by unprecedented tensions between President Biden and Prime Minister Netanyahu. The disagreement centres on Israel's planned offensive in Rafah, Gaza, amid warnings of famine and mounting civilian casualties. While the US has traditionally supported Israel, it now advocates for an immediate ceasefire linked to the release of hostages, as evidenced by a draft UN Security Council resolution circulated by the United States Secretary of State Antony Blinken. However, military aid shipments to Israel have reportedly slowed, raising questions about US support. Despite this, the Biden administration denies any deliberate delay and emphasises continued support for Israel's self-defense needs. The rift between the two nations deepens as US officials express frustration with the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and growing civilian casualties, leading to calls for new elections in Israel and further strains in bilateral relations.


Record-Breaking Heatwave Grips Brazil

Brazil swelters as Rio de Janeiro hits a scorching 62.3°C heat index, the highest in a decade. Amidst crowded beaches, concerns rise over deforestation and urban expansion. Extreme rains compound the situation in the south, prompting warnings of gales and flooding. With temperatures soaring and rainfall intensifying, Brazilians brace for further climate challenges ahead.


Biden Announces New Rule for Gas Car Emissions

Biden administration introduces historic regulations on tailpipe emissions, aiming for 56% reduction by 2032. The rule emphasises EV adoption, projecting 35-56% of new car sales to be electric by 2032. Despite criticism for gradual tightening of standards, the move aligns with auto industry and union demands. Critics argue slower cuts may prolong fossil fuel vehicle sales, but EPA estimates $99bn annual savings.


France's Ukraine Stance Highlights Europe's Security Dilemma as AUKUS Targets China

President Macron’s statement on the “existential” threat of a Russian victory in Ukraine stressed the importance of European support for Ukraine's defense. Meanwhile, the AUKUS partnership between Australia, the UK and the US expands to include space capabilities aimed at deterring Chinese aggression. Macron's call for robust action in Ukraine aligns with the strategic imperative for Western allies to counterbalance rising geopolitical threats, both in Europe and the Indo-Pacific.


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