ISRM Canada Chapter Announcement

We are delighted to announce the establishment of the ISRM Canada Chapter, which will serve as an integral part of the ISRM North America hub.

Canada's diverse geography, economic activities, industry and cultural dynamics create a unique risk landscape that demands the the implementation of best practices, innovative approaches and effective risk management strategies.

The ISRM Canada Chapter will serve as a dynamic platform for knowledge sharing, enabling professionals from various industries to collaborate and exchange insights and foster a deeper understanding of Canada's strategic risk and crisis environment.

We are delighted to introduce Rob Currie as the Chair and Andrea Chedas as the Vice-Chair of the ISRM Canada Chapter.


Rob currently designs and delivers corporate security & crisis management programmes across a variety of industries in the private sector.

Rob is a retired Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) officer having served in a variety of roles (Incident Commander (ICS400), drug enforcement, technological crime, national security & tactical unit command). During his law enforcement career, he had the privilege of serving with the Canadian Special Forces Command from 2006-2010, managing responses to domestic counter terrorism events as well as support for the war in Afghanistan.

After policing, Rob leveraged his policing and military incident command experience in the following private sector roles: Manager of Physical Security at the Bank of Canada (2015), the Chief Security Officer at Scotiabank (2015-2018), and the VP Security at Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts (2018-2019).

Rob’s career choices provided him a wide array of “battle tested” crisis management experiences such as: barricaded persons with hostages, terrorist attacks (Ottawa 2014), high risk executive protection (Somalia), major cyber attack (Mafiaboy 2000), warzone digital forensics (Afghanistan), civil unrest, labour disputes, high risk asset transport and multiple hurricane responses.

Rob is currently the ASIS Crisis Management & Business Continuity Community Vice Chairman. Originally from Canada, Rob holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinanthropology from the University of Ottawa and has also completed numerous courses in Computer Science at the University of Concordia and Université de Laval. He is fluent in English and French with intermediate Spanish.


Andrea is an accomplished security professional with over 15 years of experience in security, fraud and investigation. She currently holds the position of Head of Corporate Security at Wealthsimple, Canada's leading online investment platform. With a strong foundation in risk management and a Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialist (CAMLS) credential, Andrea diligently oversees the protection of the company's executives, employees and assets, safeguarding them from both internal and external threats.

Beyond her role at Wealthsimple, Andrea is the CEO and Founder of her own consulting firm, specialising in security, investigations and risk management planning. Leveraging her extensive network and expertise, she assists businesses and organisations in achieving their objectives while effectively mitigating potential risks. She is passionate about sharing her wealth of knowledge and insights, fostering collaboration and driving innovation within the field of risk management.