Corporate Partners




Emirates Group Security is a multi-faceted organisation that develops and implements security strategies and measures across the Emirates network. Since its beginning in 1992, EGS has grown significantly in the scope of services it provides. The organisation now offers a wide spectrum of security services, both general and aviation-specific, and employs more than 470 staff directly and over 2600 security staff through its service partner Transguard Group (TGG). EGS extends its services beyond Emirates to other airlines that operate in and out of Dubai International Airport on a commercial basis.







The purpose of this international and trans-disciplinary program is to collect and review lessons (to be) learned from engineering and emergency management on how (not) to strengthen resilience of essential services and critical infrastructure before, during and after major crises or conflict.




The Association of University Chief Security Officers, AUCSO, is the primary association for Security Professionals working in Universities, Colleges and Institutions of Higher and Further Education in the UK, Europe and across the globe.

The Association provides a forum for its members to exchange knowledge, information and best practice relating to security management within the sector. Each year the Association holds a conference, security suppliers exhibition and an AGM for its members.

AUCSO liaises with government agencies on current areas of concern and provides training for our members on  Resilience (Emergency Management & Business Continuity), Mental Health Response, Counter Terrorism and Tackling Drugs.




Bidvest Noonan is a customer-focused services group. Bidvest Noonan employs over 27,000 people across the UK & Ireland. The services delivered range from cleaning and security to technical services and facilities management. Also designs service solutions that deliver maximum value to customers. It is the market leader for a wide range of outsourced services in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland and a leading provider of cleaning and security services across Great Britain




Blue Aviation ensures that you and your clients continue the full VIP experience when arriving at any of our locations.​

Our trained and licensed aircraft operations staff handle more than 70% of all Private, Charter, AMC & Cargo flights operating in and out of Kuwait. 

We have the flexibility, experience and training to address virtually any aviation support requirement. 

Additionally, we provide representation for airlines, flight supervision and crew administration, as well as VIP, executive aviation and airport lounge services.





The Center for Risk Analysis and Crisis Management – CRACM, is a professional organization and association of the citizens whose goal is to build the organizational capacity in both private and public sector, local communities and civil society institutions in the analysis of the security risks, as well as strengthening the capacities and response to emergencies, in accordance with the modern international, European and national standards and legislations.

The vision of the Center is the country of Serbia with developed efficient, effective and sustainable capacities of public, private and civil sectors for risk analysis, integrated into the regional and global risk analysis and crisis management systems, and the preparation and response to emergencies.




Crisis Response Journal is widely recognised as the leading journal for all aspects of strategic risk, emergency and crisis management, with articles written by recognised leaders in their field, offering an in-depth insight across multiple sectors. Crisis Response Journal, along with its associated channels, is the global information resource that covers all aspects of human-induced disasters or natural hazards, spanning response, disaster risk reduction, resilience, business continuity and security.




Conductrr offers a range of immersive training and exercising platforms, all of which are designed to enhance organisations' abilities to model, prepare for and engage with disruptive events. The exercises present an unparalleled realism that allows participants to build confidence and directly transfer the experience to their jobs.



Eigenrac group is a management consultancy in the security and logistics space that brings international best practice compliance and service level standards to Governments, Corporates and NGO’s wishing to enter into and operate in difficult environments. They operate across the EMEA region, and we look forward to exploring opportunities for collaboration and mutual support across our corporate partner network.




Event Safety Alliance® (ESA) is a non-profit membership driven organization dedicated to promoting “life safety first” throughout all phases of event production and execution. ESA’s mission is to help event professionals and our guests be Empowered, Safe, and Aware of the reasonably foreseeable risks around them.

ESA works to achieve our mission through Education, Skills training, and Advocacy.




GSIP has already become recognised as an organisation that is both supporting and representing the wider security sector. Guild offers free to attend programmes, with the option for full Ofqual regulated qualification and certification for a small certification fee. Their main focus is to benefit UK based front-line security officers and admin/support staff, both SIA licensed and in-house colleagues.




Founded in 1987 IHSM proudly celebrated ITS 30th year in 2017.  The organisation was formed as a result of the amalgamation of the Association of Hotel Security Managers and The Guild of Hotel Security Managers, both of whom had been operating since 1975.  Since 1987 our members have come together to share their experiences, knowledge & expertise, offer advice and enjoy a mutual support network which collectively seeks to achieve the highest standards of service excellence.

As well as sharing vital information on a daily basis, we meet regularly on a monthly basis in London inviting guest speakers offering expert, independent knowledge and advice on a broad range of subjects.



INSSA is a non-profit global membership association of individuals committed to improving the quality and effectiveness of safety and security for humanitarian relief and development assistance workers operating in complex and dangerous environments. INSSA does this through four main avenues of programming: Advocacy, Collaboration, Education & Professional Development, and Standardization.




IsraTeam Ltd. is one of the most skilled and professional companies who consult Emergency Management and Homeland Security Planning, based and registered in Israel 1998. IsraTeam is active in Israel and abroad in the field of Emergency Management and HLS: Consultation, Preparedness, Training and has gained vast and unique “hands-on” experience in all kinds of crisis, especially in War and CBRNE terror events.




The National Association for Healthcare Security (NAHS) was formed in 1994, as a UK non profit making professional organisation. The NAHS operates in a single national network headed by the Association’s Chairman supported by a board of directors who form the NAHS Executive Committee. The Association’s aim is to support and enable healthcare provision through the delivery of professional security management; promoting and ensuring members are best placed and equipped to provide a safe and secure environment for their organisations staff, patients and all visitors.








​​​​​​The Reskube is a simple, cost effective, single device to provide always-on power and comms to homeworkers.

Remote working has freed workers from their office desks and unlocked new possibilities for businesses. But this comes with challenges, especially for support teams.




The Resilience Advisors Network (RAN) is a group of more than 100 practitioners who come together to form expert project teams. The Network will tackle any project, large or small, as long as it's designed to strengthen community, locality or infrastructure resilience from disasters and emergencies.

Advisors come from a broad range of emergency service and disaster management-related backgrounds, most holding senior positions in Emergency Management, Rescue Service or Civil Contingency authorities.




TiNYg was established in 2006 to facilitate the intelligence gathering and sharing of counter terrorism information between London and New York City. The network has grown with subscribers in over 130 countries. An incredible feat for a not for profit organisation, that demonstrates is philanthropic mission to improve knowledge, understanding and collaboration across the world.

TiNYg aims to foster improved communications between businesses and between law enforcement around the world, and has held fifty free to attend conferences in London and the United States.




An experienced risk management consultancy and recruitment agency with a difference. World-leading business and investment authorities almost universally predict that to survive in the long term, companies must be able to deliver both profits and purpose. There will be a triple bottom line: financial, social and environmental. Your impact on all three will affect your sustainability. The trend is already underway, as investors, consumers and staff start gravitating towards companies which share their values.




Ward Security was established in 2000 to fill a gap in the market for a company that could provide a range of tailored, flexible and integrated security services to organisations in the Kent area.

Today, it is a national provider of security services working with a broad range of clients from blue chip companies to small businesses and is listed as one of the Top 1% of UK Approved Security Providers accredited by the Security Industry Authority. The company is also named in the Top 30 UK Companies in the Regulated Security Sector.

Ward Security employs over 900 highly trained personnel and with a Senior Management Team that includes former police and armed forces personnel.






Axis International Security Services (Ltd) is an International Security Operations and Security Training Company.

Collectively, Axis International Security Services boasts in excess of 50 years of experience in security, operations risk and business intelligence, corporate and civil investigations and due diligence enquiries.

When it comes to protecting your buildings, staff and members of the public, you can’t put a price on security or on the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve got the best people in the private security industry working for you.





The British Bodyguard Association (BBA) and The Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) are pleased to announce they have entered into a global strategic partnership, combining their mission to promote and uphold good practices in the field by raising skills, sharing information and expertise, and promoting the highest level of professionalism in security.

Together, working towards a unified vision, the BBA-ISRM partnership will unlock the full potential of collaboration by offering access to world class training, events, and other career resources to help place working security operators on the best path for professional success in the new, modern era of protective services.




SC Risk Consulting is a discreet, professional risk and security consultancy, providing bespoke risk management advice, training and security advice services to our clients. With over 33 years of experience in law enforcement and the commercial sector, trust and professionalism are our watchwords.

Whether it is a request to design global security standards for serviced accommodation, assess risk and physical security in high-risk locations or deliver industry-leading travel risk management courses, SC Risk Consulting’s clients know that their requirements will be met on time, within their budgets and to highly exacting standards.




Security CPD Global Ltd is an industry-specific independent company designed for the Security Industry by Security Professionals, for the purpose of accrediting security-related training, skills, and seminars. Many industries have specific bodies that clearly understand the differences between what they do and what the general public does, such as HCPC which is designed purely for NHS Medical Professions, and the College of Paramedics is designed for the Pre-Hospital Care Industry.

Mainstream CPD often falls short of specific security needs and requirements within a contemporary world, which is why we have developed Security CPD Global Ltd to allow our industry to meet the actual needs of both companies and individuals internationally.





Taylor Bridges Consultancy is helping companies to prevent and manage major incidences in the workplace – no matter the industry. We offer niche training & consultancy that will cover any safety, security, compliance or traffic management related needs.

Taylor Bridges understand exactly what companies require from a safety & security training standpoint, with a vast experience spanning 30 years and working towards national and international standards, we are more than qualified to help your business – wherever you are in the world.

Taylor Bridges works with selected partners who we trust and believe in, whether they are products or services, and means that we can wholeheartedly offer a ‘one-stop’ shop for safety and compliance needs worldwide.