Global Crisis Watch 258

You are invited to join us for Global Crisis Watch 258, on Friday, 12th January at 10.00 GMT.


The highlighted topics will include:

Greenland Ice Enters Dubai's Elite Drink Scene

A Greenland entrepreneur's Arctic Ice company is making waves by exporting ancient glacier ice to Dubai's luxury bars. This company harvests 'black ice' from Greenland's fjords and promises an “exotic twist to cocktails”. However, it has sparked controversy and intense social media backlash, with critics questioning the environmental impact amid global warming concerns. Despite environmental debates, the company insists on its low carbon footprint and aims to diversify Greenland's economy, heavily reliant on Denmark. The first shipment of 20 metric tonnes recently reached Dubai.


Paving the Way for Lunar Exploration and Resource Harvesting

NASA's Artemis program, with its recent updates, is a series of missions of lunar exploration and potential resource extraction. Artemis II, now set for September 2025, will orbit the Moon, setting the stage for Artemis III in September 2026, which aims to land astronauts near the lunar South Pole. This region is of particular interest for potential resource extraction, such as water ice, which could support long-term lunar bases and deeper space exploration. These missions will be crucial in learning how to utilise lunar resources, essential for future Mars missions and beyond. However, this ambitious venture raises important ethical questions and concerns about the suitability of space for resource extraction, challenging us to consider the implications of exploiting extraterrestrial environments.


Farmers' Nationwide Protest in Germany Against Subsidy Cuts

Farmers in Germany have launched a nationwide protest, blocking roads with tractors to oppose the planned phase-out of agricultural subsidies. Convoys, including those displaying far-right party banners, caused disruptions across Germany, including Berlin's Brandenburg Gate. The protest coincides with wider industrial actions across various sectors in Germany. The government's proposed subsidy cuts, amounting to 900 million euros, have sparked widespread backlash. Despite partial concessions by the government, farmers demand more. A recent poll shows 91% public support for the farmers' cause.


2023 Marks the Hottest Year in Recorded History

The year 2023 has been confirmed as the hottest on record, surpassing previous high temperature records by a significant margin. This unprecedented warmth, about 1.48°C above pre-industrial levels, has been attributed to human-induced climate change, amplified by the El Niño phenomenon. The previous year saw an almost continuous streak of daily global temperature records from June onwards, with over 200 days setting new highs. The effects were felt worldwide, exacerbating extreme weather events like heatwaves, wildfires, droughts and floods. This trend raises concerns about the proximity to breaching the 1.5°C warming threshold set by the Paris Agreement and it emphasises the urgent need for effective climate action.


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