Global Crisis Watch 257

You are invited to join for Global Crisis Watch 257, the first GCW this year, on Friday, January 5th at 10.00 /GMT/


The highlighted topics will include:

New Year, Same Stories: What Lies Ahead in 2024?

As we enter 2024, the global geopolitical landscape is shaped by numerous factors. Over 4 billion people are set to vote in elections across the United States, Russia, the UK, India, Taiwan and Bangladesh. These elections have the potential to influence key global issues, including the conflicts in Ukraine and Gaza, the Taiwan Strait tensions, Iran’s nuclear programme and the Israeli-Arab conflict in the Middle East. The United States grapples with challenges to its global dominance, while China emerges as a potential regional counterbalance. The ongoing Russian occupation of Ukraine and the persistent Israeli-Gaza conflict continue to create regional instability. Recent peace efforts in Yemen and normalisation attempts between Israel and regional players have faltered, leading back to a state of increased competition and tension. Will 2024 bring positive changes, or are challenges set to persist?


Assassination of Hamas leader in Lebanon

Saleh al-Arouri, a deputy leader of Hamas, was killed in Beirut in what is believed to be an Israeli drone strike. Israel has not confirmed its involvement but emphasised its focus on fighting Hamas. The attack, denounced by Hamas and Hezbollah as a violation of Lebanese sovereignty, marks a significant escalation in tensions. Lebanon seeks to avoid escalation, urging restraint from Hezbollah and international pressure on Israel. Arouri was a key Hamas figure, linked to attacks in the West Bank and ties with Iran and Hezbollah.


Training Does Work: Japan Airline Fire-ball and Evacuation

The rigorous training of Japan Airlines' crew was put to the test when Flight JAL516 collided with a Coast Guard plane at Tokyo's Haneda Airport. The rapid evacuation was praised by renowned aviation specialists. They recognised it as evidence of the crew's effective training and the passengers' compliance to safety procedures. Despite the fireball eruption, all 379 passengers were evacuated safely within 20 minutes. The accident resulted in five deaths on the coastguard plane, but all passengers on the JAL flight survived with only minor injuries. The incident occurred on a busy route from Sapporo to Tokyo and is now under investigation for its unusual nature.