The ISRM Student Network will be hosting Patrick Lagadec

For over twenty-five years Patrick Lagadec has been the leading conceptualist for all issues associated with modelling the unprecedented risk and threats that the world is currently facing.

Lagadec has described a risk environment that is a ‘tabla rasa’, that leads to ‘ruptures’ in the reality we are dealing with, and which can only be described in terms of ‘Inconceivable and Unthinkable Crises’ requiring a ‘New Cosmology of Risk and Crises’ modelling and engagement.

Whilst these may have been theoretical projections when he initially discussed these issues, they are as real now as this morning’s news headlines. Almost every aspect of the risk environment we are operating in can be described as ‘unprecedented’. Whether that is climate change and global warming, adverse weather events, infrastructure failures, global supply chain vulnerability, IT dependency or the general fragility of the foundational (and highly inter-dependent) systems on which modern life is inescapably built – the ‘unprecedented nature of the events, as well as their impacts and consequences, means that they transcend the ability of traditional risk management models to describe, predict or prepare for.

The ISRM Student Network will be hosting a world exclusive interview with Patrick Lagadec as part of its launch programme. The event is open to all, and we welcome everyone who has an interest in the realities and challenges of current strategic risk and crisis management thinking.

Ahead of the webinar, ISRM Executive Director Dr David Rubens will be holding an open Academic Forum to discuss the works of Patrick Lagadec, their relevance to current strategic risk and crisis management thinking, and what they can oer us in terms of understanding the risk environment that we are going to be facing for the foreseeable future.

The Academic Forum will be run twice on the same day in order to allow participants from across the world to join at a time that is suitable for them.


  • Sunday 26th September, 9.00-10.00am BST / Academic Forum / Registration


  • Sunday 26th September, 3.00-4.00pm BST / Academic Forum / Registration


  • Wednesday 29th September, 12.00-1.00pm BST / Patrick Lagadec Webinar / Registration


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