Partnership with IFPO Hispanoamérica & ISRM LATAM Chaper

The ISRM is delighted to announce our partnership with the International Foundation for Protection Officers (IFPO) LATAM, as we build upon the achievements of our successful partnership with IFPO UK and IFPO Ireland.

IFPO is dedicated to providing meaningful and cost-effective security training for security guards and protection officers. They believe that education is a necessary and essential part of professional security training and the security officer’s background. IFPO serves individuals, security companies, and organisations that have their own private security staff.

The Institute of Strategic Risk Management has been established in order to create a global centre where practitioners, academics and policy makers can come together to share information, help progress and promote the underlying understanding and capabilities associated with strategic risk and crisis management, and develop their own personal and professional networks.

Building upon the success of IFPO Ireland and ISRM's collaboration, IFPO LATAM and the ISRM will aim to support risk and security professionals in the LATAM region.

Through this agreement, ISRM members will gain access to a range of certification programmes offered by IFPO. In equal measure, this partnership offers IFPO members access to training programmes offered by the ISRM.

A shared commitment to fostering innovation and resilience lies at the heart of both IFPO LATAM and ISRM's missions. This partnership is a significant step forward in the pursuit of elevating security and strategic risk and crisis management practices in Latin America.

We look forward to seeing what we do together.