L5 Planning and Management of Major Events

  • 26/09/2019, 00:00:00
  • Dubai, UAE
  • 2 days
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Every four years the Olympic Games pushes back the understanding of major event management, with the eyes of the world rest on a country that is expected to host hundreds of athletes, thousands of support staff and media, hundreds of thousands of visitors and billions of fans who are watching events live on their televisions, computers and portable devices across the globe.

However, even for lesser events, the likelihood is that the underlying infrastructure that is used to support the development, delivery and on-going management of the event will be tested to a level that has never been experienced before and which requires long-term planning and multi-stakeholder capability development of the highest level.

At the heart of that planning and delivery process is the development of an appropriate C4 (Command / Control /Coordination /Communication) management system, as well as a detailed roadmap that can establish, right from the beginning of the delivery process, a framework within which the multiple components of a successful major event can be put together in a planned, structured and cohesive manner.

This programme takes many of the lessons learned from the London 2012 London Olympics and Paralympic Games, and creates a set of templates, frameworks and protocols that can be applied to the planning and management of any major event, whatever its size, scope or intrinsic nature.


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