ISRM Portland Chapter Launch

We are thrilled to announce the establishment of the ISRM Portland Chapter.

The primary goal of the Portland Chapter is to provide a dynamic platform that brings together professionals, academics and policymakers to collectively tackle the strategic risk and crisis management challenges specific to the Portland area.

Recognising the diverse industries present in Portland, including sustainability, technology, outdoor and many others, this Chapter will explore innovative approaches to strategic risk management across all sectors. Through collaboration, knowledge sharing and networking opportunities, the Portland Chapter will contribute to fostering a resilient and adaptive community in the face of strategic risks and crises.

We are honored to have Robert Whitham as the Chair of the ISRM Portland Chapter, leading us towards a path of excellence in strategic risk management practices.

Robert Whitham is an accomplished leader in Security, Crisis, and Emergency Management, specializing in enterprise security management, crisis response, and business continuity. With a remarkable 12-year background in law enforcement, Robert has demonstrated his expertise in managing critical incidents, redesigning training programs, and leading continuity of operations planning.

His passion for critical infrastructure protection motivated him to transition into utility security and emergency management, where he further honed his skills in risk assessment and resilience planning. Robert's ability to lead diverse teams and develop enterprise-level business continuity plans has resulted in the successful implementation of robust strategies across various organizations.

As a highly skilled trainer in crisis, security, and emergency management, Robert has a comprehensive understanding of industry best practices and holds advanced certifications in Security Management, Organizational Resiliency, and Emergency Management. Additionally he holds Master's degrees in Emergency Management and Homeland Security.

Driven by his commitment to promoting security and disaster preparedness, Robert is dedicated to ensuring the safety and resilience of organizations. With his extensive experience, strong leadership capabilities, and profound knowledge in emergency management, Robert is poised to make a valuable contribution to any team or organization in need of effective crisis and security management solutions.