Inaugural Asia Middle East Presidents Club Event: Supply Chain Management: Mitigating Asia and Middle East Growth Inhibitors

  • 24th August 2023, 09:30 /Dubai/, 12:30 /Jakarta/, 13:30 /Singapore/
  • Online, 1 hour


We are delighted to invite you to join us on August 24th at 09.30 Dubai / 12.30 Indonesia / 13.30 Singapore for the “Supply Chain - Mitigating Asia and Middle East Growth Inhibitors” webinar jointly organised by our ISRM (Institute of Strategic Risk Management) UAE and Indonesia Chapters, in collaboration with industry leaders – Thomson Reuters, Castle Asia and Hill & Associates.

In today's globalised world, the Asia and Middle East regions serve as critical hubs for international trade and commerce. However, they are not without their unique challenges. Join us for this wide-ranging discussion as we bring together renowned subject matter experts, thought leaders and industry professionals to discuss the pressing supply chain challenges faced across the Asia and Middle East region and explore strategies to mitigate growth inhibitors effectively.

This event aims to foster meaningful discussions and offer practical solutions. We value engagement and aim to provide an interactive platform where attendees can actively participate and contribute to the conversation.

Join us for the first of what is planned to be a regular series of UAE-APAC events.


For more information please contact:

  • Mark Nuttall, UAE Chapter Chair -
  • Basil Gouge, Indonesia Chapter Chair -
  • Ian Betts, CastleAsia -