Global Crisis Watch 271

You are invited to join us for Global Crisis Watch 271, on Friday April 12th at 11:00 BST.


The highlighted topics will include:

Xi Jinping Hosts Former Taiwan President Amidst Rising Tensions

President Xi Jinping met with former Taiwan president Ma Ying-jeou, signaling China's desire for closer ties amidst increasing tensions, as this is the first such meeting since 1949. Ma's visit underscores Beijing's push for cross-strait dialogue, contrasting with Taiwan's pro-independence stance. However, as Taiwan's political divide widens, Ma's support for a shared Chinese identity contrast with Taiwanese sentiment. While the meeting may not alter cross-strait relations significantly, it solidifies Ma's legacy as a key figure in Taiwan-China diplomacy.


Human Rights Concerns Mount as EU Parliament Considers Migration Reforms

The European Parliament is set to vote on extensive reforms to the EU's migration and asylum rules, which aims to streamline processes and address the surge in asylum applications. Amidst fierce debates, the new agreement proposes faster vetting and deportation procedures for illegal migrants. Special attention is given to children, while critics express concerns over potential human rights violations in proposed detention centres. The reform also includes a solidarity mechanism to share the asylum burden more evenly among member states, aiming for fairer processing and support for asylum-seekers.


Remembering Daniel Kahneman, Nobel Laureate

The recent passing of Daniel Kahneman, a Nobel laureate renowned for his groundbreaking work in economics and psychology, marks the loss of a towering figure whose legacy profoundly impacts our understanding of human decision-making. Alongside his pioneering research, Kahneman revolutionised our comprehension of judgment and choice under uncertainty, challenging traditional views of rationality in economics. His influence extended beyond academia, shaping policies and development strategies, as seen in the World Bank's adoption of behavioral economics principles.


Total Eclipse of the Sun – Reminding Us of Our Place in the Universe

On April 8, millions of people across North America bore witness to a rare celestial event: a total solar eclipse. Across the continent, from Mexico to Canada, millions marveled at the spectacle as the Moon passed between the Earth and the Sun. This captivating phenomenon of temporary darkness and a drop in temperature, provided a unique opportunity for observers to witness the Sun's corona and reflect on humanity's connection to the cosmos.


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