Global Crisis Watch 236

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This week, we are devoting our entire attention to the existential crisis of our time – Global Warming. The events of the past few weeks have been a stark reminder of the urgency with which we need to address this issue.

July 2023 sets to be the hottest month ever recorded on our planet. We are witnessing a temperature increase of 0.83 degrees Celsius above the 20th-century average, a deviation that is unparalleled in the 142-year record.

Greece has now become an epicenter of a catastrophe. Wildfires, fuelled by the relentless heat and winds, are forcing thousands to evacuate their homes. This calamity has already claimed lives, injured many and caused extensive damage to properties and infrastructures, including the closure of roads and airports.

Wildfires in California, sparked by the deadly combination of dry weather, extreme heat and strong winds, have consumed over a million acres of land and destroyed more than a thousand structures. The ramifications are profound – evacuations, property damage, transportation disruptions and a growing death toll.

Meanwhile, Central Asia is experiencing flash floods triggered by torrential rains. Lives, properties and infrastructure have been washed away.

And as if the wildfires and floods were not enough, we are grappling with a record- breaking heatwave. From the United States to Europe, temperatures are touching unprecedented levels. Parts of California and Arizona in the US are sizzling at around 48 degrees Celsius. Europe is not far behind, with France and Spain scorching at around 43 degrees Celsius.

This escalating heat is deadly. It's causing an increase in heat-related fatalities, power outages and water shortages. It's sparking wildfires and destroying crops, threatening our food security. The scorching temperatures are both a signal and a consequence of climate change.

Our planet is giving us clear signals and we must heed them. The events of these past weeks are not isolated incidents – they are symptoms of a much larger, systemic issue – global warming. We can no longer afford to ignore these signs. Climate change is not an impending threat -it is a present crisis. It's time to respond, act and safeguard our planet for future generations.

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