Fortifying Foundations: The Role of Utilities in Business Resilience Planning

The success of our businesses is intimately tied to the resilience of our utilities. From power grids to water supply, these critical infrastructures are the bedrock upon which our corporate landscapes are built. However, as our systems become more complex and interconnected, traditional risk management and business continuity strategies are proving to be less effective.

Recognising the need to talk about and address these challenges, the ISRM Portland Chapter is organising their inaugural Chapter Webinar- Fortifying Foundations: The Role of Utilities in Business Resilience Planning - on Friday February 9th at 13.00 EST / 18.00 GMT.

This webinar will explore the interdependencies of critical infrastructure and how to identify the risks and vulnerabilities associated with your own organisation in an effort to enhance resilience. Additionally, it will highlight the need to connect and coordinate with utilities and critical infrastructure to ensure the appropriate organisations are part of their emergency planning process.

Join our Portland Chapter Chair, Robert Whitham, in this discussion and register here.