Dr. David BaMaung

United Kingdom

Honorary Professor, Glasgow Caledonian University


David currently holds an Honorary Professorial position at Glasgow Caledonian University as a result of innovative work he has carried out with the University. He was also appointed by Sir John Saunders, Chairman of the Manchester Arena Public Inquiry, as a Security Expert, and served in this position until the end of 2020.

He is currently the Managing Director of Able Security Consultants, having retired in 2021 as Director of Strategic Development at CAMOR, David is a widely recognised expert in the fields of Insider Threat Mitigation and Critical Infrastructure Protection. A regular speaker at international conferences on the subject of Insider Threat, he is a Principal Member of the CPNI approved Register of Security Engineers and Specialists. He is also an approved Chartered Security Professional; Fellow of the Security Institute; Chartered Member of the CIPD; member of the CMI and a Chartered Manager. He is also a Fellow of the Institute of Contingency Planning and Emergency Management.

Over a career in law enforcement spanning 39 years, David has served in a supervisory capacity over multiple areas including uniformed duties, public order, CBRN (chemical, biological, nuclear and radiological), and counter terrorism protective security. He was responsible for developing an innovative interactive Insider Threat exercising programme for UK law enforcement, emergency services and the European aviation sector. For the past ten years has worked closely with the CPNI on multiple inside threat related projects and has consulted on Insider Threat mitigation with organisations including Interpol CBRNE Terrorism Prevention Unit and Airpol.

He was awarded a Graduateship in Counter Terrorism Security Management by the National Counter Terrorism Security Office and City & Guilds. David is the Co-Chair of the Security Institute – Insider Risk Special Interest Group.

Published in journals internationally including the International Airport Review Journal, Studies in Conflict & Terrorism Journal and The Conversation, he also co-authored chapters in 'Corruption in Commercial Enterprise: Law, Theory and Practice', Edited by Liz Campbell and Nicholas Lord; and Risk Communication and Public Health Edited by P. Bennet, K. Calman, S. Curtis and D. Fischbacher-Smith. David co-authored the ‘Airpol Insider Threat Mitigation in the Airport Community, Guidance Manual for European Police Forces’, and was responsible for authoring the Airpol Insider Threat Programme Guidance document.