Beyond Borders: Exploring Transnational Dimensions of Human Trafficking in Ukraine and India


You are invited to join us for an insightful webinar entitled 'Beyond Borders: Exploring Transnational Dimensions of Human Trafficking in Ukraine and India,' organised by the ISRM - Women in Security Chapter, on Friday 21st July, at 15:00 /BST/.

This thought-provoking event aims to shed light on the complex issue of human trafficking, delving into its transnational dimensions within the contexts of Ukraine, Sierra Leone and India.

We are honored to have a distinguished panel of experts who will seek to heighten awareness, disseminate knowledge and explore practical strategies to tackle the issue of human trafficking across borders. They are:


Sutapa Sanyal

Diversity and inclusion expert, public speaker and advisor on women's leadership. She was the first woman Indian Police Service (IPS) officer to serve as Director General of Police in U. P. and received the Police Medal for Distinguished Services from the Hon’ble President of India. With over three decades of leadership experience in public administration, she has designed innovative programs for social inclusion and gender equality, collaborated with international organisations, delivered powerful talks and keynotes on diversity and inclusion, gender intelligent leadership and public policy and was recongised as a champion of women and child empowerment.


Veda T. Woods

visionary cybersecurity leader with more than 28 years of experience in the public and private sectors. As the CEO of the Global Cyber Advisory Group, she develops robust cybersecurity strategies and fosters operational harmony for organisations globally. Her commitment to social good is evident through her founding of the Protect Us Kids Foundation, combating Online Child Sexual Exploitation. She is dedicated to promoting cybersecurity governance, supporting women in STEM/STEAM fields and safeguarding vulnerable youth. Her resilience and passion for making a difference are driving forces in her impactful career.


Guidel Olivas

Senior manager in special operations and development at the Anti- Human Trafficking Intelligence Initiative. With over two decades of experience in leadership, strategic planning and crisis management, Guidel has served his country and community both domestically and internationally. He has dedicated his career to making a positive impact and has actively contributed to various NGOs worldwide, striving to create a better and safer world.


Ian Church

situational awareness solutions provider at Sentry View Systems. Passionately dedicated to combating human trafficking, he utilises technology to create secure environments. In addition to his professional role, Ian serves as a volunteer Chief Technology Officer for Project Apollo, a charity focused on eradicating human trafficking in Ukraine. Project Apollo adopts a three-pillar approach encompassing physical extraction, technological tools for mission effectiveness, and education to empower individuals in identifying and preempting trafficking risks. His personal goal is to bridge resources and disrupt the human trafficking chain, making a tangible difference.


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