Australian Women in Security Network - What is Convergence and how to increase implementation?

AWSN webinar - 20 August 2020

Speaker: Louisa Schneller - Risk & Security Management Software Consultant at TeamMacro, Prague, Czech Republic

Host: Chris Miller - AWSN Canberra Chapter Co-Lead & National Social Media Manager

Converged risk and security management is the concept and practice of addressing interdependencies within the groups and processes of an organization to achieve a single view of risk. This talk will discuss what convergence means to risk and security management within organizations and with their external partners. The concept of convergence is arguably a more effective means of security management than the traditional siloed approach. However, it is still slow to be widely practiced. We will examine why this is, how this could be solved, and if the Covid-19 crisis provides us with opportunity to increase its practice.



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