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Welcome to the Institute of Strategic Risk Management UAE Chapter. The ISRM is a forum where senior practitioners, academics and strategic policy makers can come together in order to truly understand the nature of the complex threats of the modern world, and to explore the issues surrounding the development of the range of multiple-stakeholder frameworks, policies and capabilities that will be necessary in order to face up to and successfully engage with them, whether in a government, corporate or any other context.

Since its establishment at the start of this year, the ISRM has received support and engagement from major institutions around the world. Our hope is that the ISRM UAE Chapter will become a regional community, whose members share a common objectives – understanding how we can create safety and security for the organisations we are involved in, as well as for the wider society that we are all a part of.

The ISRM offers you an opportunity to take part in world class training, gain formal qualifications, enjoy social events, develop professional networks and, if you wish to do so, to take an active part in developing and supporting the ISRM wherever in the world you are. We are always happy to hear your ideas on how the ISRM can be made better, so feel free to let us know, either at a regional level or through the London HQ.

ISRM UAE Chapter Launch

The ISRM UAE Chapter Launch on 17th April was a great success. Thanks to those people who came, as well as those people who contacted us to say that they couldn't make it, but who offered their support for future events and activities. 

It was widely agreed that the ISRM was offering a valuable service for the UAE (and wider region) in creating a specialist organisation focusing on the strategic perspective for security, risk, resilience, and crisis management.

The UAE Chapter Director is Dr Declan Garrett, who is Head of Security for Abu Dhabi Louvre. The Management Team currently consists of Steve Flaherty, H&S Manager at La Perle and Nikolaos Gkionis, Safety & Security Manager at Meraas.

Please contact Steve on steven.flaherty@theisrm.org for any enquiries about the ISRM UAE Chapter.

Level 5 Qualification in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management

Dubai, 22nd-24th June, 2019

Our thanks to Achieve Consultancy (www.achieveconsultancy.com) and Nikki Beach Dubai (https://dubai.nikkibeach.com/) who are sponsoring the Level 5 Award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management programme in Dubai from 22nd-24th June.

This programme has been delivered in seventeen countries since 2015, and has become recognised as one of the leading qualifications for strategic risk and crisis management.

It is designed for experienced security, risk and crisis managers who are being given responsibility for increasingly large-scale and complex planning and management programmes. Course material includes an understanding of 21st century risks and crises, global best practices, frameworks and templates, and an opportunity to share experiences and insights with other senior practitioners from multiple sectors.

For more information on the programme, please visit the ISRM training page, or contact steven.flaherty@theisrm.org.

Level 5 Award in Planning and Management of Major Events

Abu Dhabi, 22nd-24th September, 2019


The strategic planning and management of major events is one of the most testing project management programmes in the world. It is a 'one-shot' operation, that combines the immovable date of an opening ceremony with the pressure that comes with the eyes of the world resting on a country that has staked its national reputation on the successful delivery of a programme that will undoubtedly go beyond anything that had been experienced before in terms of scale, scope and complexity. 

At the heart of that planning and delivery process is the development of an appropriate C4 (Command / Control /Coordination /Communication) management system, as well as a detailed roadmap that can establish, right from the beginning of the delivery process, a framework within which the multiple components of a successful major event can be put together in a planned, structured and cohesive manner.

This programme takes many of the lessons learned from previous major events (and in particular, the London 2012 London Olympics and Paralympic Games), and creates a set of templates, frameworks and protocols that can be applied to the planning and management of any major event, whatever its size, scope or intrinsic nature.

For more details, info@theisrm.org

Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University

Dammam, Saudi Arabia

ISRM Executive Director Dr David Rubens was invited by the Institute of Risk Management to give a series of presentations and workshops to students, faculty members and visiting attendees as part of a Strategic Leadership programme hosted by the Imam Abdulrahman bin Faisal University in Dammam, KSA. 

The University is ranked as 6th amongst Saudi Universities and 16th amongst all Arab Universities. It also has an unbelievably beautiful campus!

Our thanks to Dr Adel Dr Adel Alaraifi, Vice Dean, Postgraduate & Research, College of Business Administration and his team for their hospitality. 

IAU has offered to host an ISRM Crisis 2030 Symposium in November, and we are also exploring other opportunities for collaboration.

ISRM UAE Chapter Networking Event

24th June Nikki Beach, Dubai

Our thanks to Nikki Beach Dubai for not only hosting the Level 5 Award in Corporate Risk and Crisis Management, but offering their facilities to the ISRM UAE Chapter for our Networking Evening on 24th June. 

For more information, contact steven.flaherty@theisrm.org

Dates For Your Diary

ISRM Training Programmes

There is an automatic discount of 25% on all Deltar Training programmes, wherever in the world they are run.

These are the programmes that have become recognised a the leading qualifications for security, risk, business continuity, resilience and crisis managers, whatever sector they are operating in.

For more information, visit the ISRM Training pages.

Membership Fees and Benefits

We have deliberately kept membership fees as low as possible to encourage participation from members of the security, risk and crisis management communities across the world.

Membership is £100 per year, and gives the post-nominals M.ISRM.

Student Membership is £50.00 per year, and is open to anyone enrolled on a university programme.

There is a Special Student Membership rate of £20 per year for students from low GDP regions

There is a full range of membership benefits:

To Register as an ISRM member, please visit Membership Page

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