Partnership With Digital Oversight (AI) Ltd

We are delighted to welcome Digital Oversight (AI) Ltd as our new Silver+ Corporate Partner!

Digital Oversight (AI) use data analytics and visualisation to assist boards in establishing continuous cyber risk and resilience management. They provide organisations insight that cyber threats pose in our complex digital eco-system, facilitating informed decisions on investments, and perspective on organizational resilience. Their Cyber Assurance and Risk Management (CARM) solutions enhances the development of cyber threat management strategies, the governance of initiatives, and the measurement of the effectiveness and efficiency of controls. Digital Oversight provides a complete view of your IT environment, the threats faced and the performance of controls, or lack of, for risk mitigation. These complex scenarios are portrayed in a variety of dynamic dashboard visualisations, placing Cyber threat in the context of more widely understood business risk.

Developing these types of cyber and digital insights is a key factor in assisting with frameworks for future crisis management and urban resilience.

We look forward to the working together on various initiatives in cybersecurity, AI technologies and cyber defense to strengthen global risk management and resilience.