Master’s Degree in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management

The programme will be managed and delivered by ISRM in partnership with the University of Gloucestershire.

The programme will be open to anyone with the required level of practitioner experience and academic background, and in normal circumstances candidates would have been expected to have completed an appropriate academic course in a relevant subject before enrolling on the Master’s programme.

The ISRM Level 6 Diploma programme serves as a gateway into the Master’s programme for those who hold at least 5 years managerial work experience in a relevant field, but other similar programmes would be considered as acceptable.


Stage 1:

Level 6 Diploma in Strategic RIsk and Crisis Management

See here for more information on the Level 6 Diploma programme


Stage 2: Option 1:

Strategic Risk and Crisis Management - Postgraduate Diploma (Level 7)

The purpose of the ISRM postgraduate diploma programme is to give participants the opportunity to do deep-dive research into an area of strategic security, risk or crisis management that has significance for them. It is designed for junior professionals who have completed the ISRM Level 6 Diploma or a similar qualification.

By the end of the programme, the student should have gained a level of expertise, professional knowledge and academic insight that would allow them be seen as bringing real value to any programme that they were associated with, from both an academic/ conceptual perspective and from a professional / practitioner one.

They should have a proven ability to do independent research, able to identify rich sources of information, to integrate that into a fully cohesive syncretic structure, and to deliver that in a way that has meaning and value for the target audience.

The 10,000 word dissertation has been designed to give the student enough space to create a fully developed piece of work that identifies significant themes, and then develops each of those in a way that reflects both the rich academic work available and the applicability of that research to real-world situations


Stage 2: Option 2:

Master's Degree in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management (in partnership with University of Gloucestershire)

This programme is a Master’s Stage Award in Strategic Risk and Crisis Management validated by the University of Gloucestershire.

Having completed the Level 6 Diploma or equivalent programme and holding at least five years of managerial work experience in a relevant field, you should feel completely comfortable doing academic reading and research, and creating a high-level academic piece of work that is syncretic, integrative and comprehensive.

We expect that, through the course of your previous studies or work there were ideas that you came across that inspired you with the possibility of even deeper research, and the development of an even more well-developed final piece of work. That should set the foundation for the Master’s Degree programme.

The programme consists of one module worth 60 CAT points with four components: Research Methodology Workshop, Dissertation Proposal (1,500 words), Dissertation (15,000 words) and Reflective Paper (1,500 words).

Part 1: Research Methodology

As an intrinsic part of any Masters-level programme, there is a requirement to demonstrate a familiarity with the basic research methodologies, to be able to explain the strengths and weaknesses of each, and then to justify to the external reader why you have chosen the approach you have and why that is the most appropriate methodology to use in your own chosen piece of research. As part of this programme, you will be provided with access to specific work on methodology, and you can then explore further literature on your own.

Part 2: Research Proposal /1,500 words/

You will need to set out the specific question, problem or issue that you are intending to do the research on; explain why it is important or has value; list some of the major issues you expect to discover; identify any ethical problems you might be required to consider, and then give an outline of the structure of the paper (though that can always change once the actual research is started). The Research Proposal forms part of the module assessment and will need to be approved before you can move on to Part 3.

Part 3: Dissertation / Major Project /15,000 words/

The third part is the research and dissertation paper, which is expected to be roughly 15,000 words. You will be given full support throughout the course by a designated supervisor with expertise in your chose field, and you will have access to the full range of ISRM and University of Gloucestershire facilities.

Part 4: Reflective Paper /1,500 words/

This element of the dissertation will give you the opportunity to critically analyse and evaluate your experience of the learning process in terms of your academic and professional development.



  • UK Residents £3,140
  • UK Non-Residents £5,000
  • Fees are not subject to VAT


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