Global Crisis Watch 267

You are invited to join us for Global Crisis Watch 267, on Friday 15th of May at 10.00 GMT.


The highlighted topics will include:

Biden vs Trump: The Rematch

Donald Trump and Joe Biden are set for a presidential race rematch after clinching their Republican and Democratic nominations. Their paths to nomination, marked by victories in key states and territories, reflect a nation poised for a deeply contentious battle. Trump, who is facing 91 felony charges, campaigns against Biden, whom he labels as "the worst president in history". Biden, while emphasising democracy and freedom, runs with a similar strategy to 2020, despite facing internal party criticisms and concerns over his age. As they gear up for November, many call these election a fundamental clash over the vision for America's future.


Nearly Half of World's Poorest Nations Still Reeling from Pandemic

Four years post-pandemic, a UN report paints a stark contrast in recovery: advanced nations have returned to pre-pandemic levels of growth and prosperity, yet nearly half of the poorest countries, including Nigeria, Pakistan and Sierra Leone, remain below their pre-pandemic well- being levels. This divergence marks what might be a permanent shift in the global development trajectory, with the pandemic's aftermath potentially cementing a wider gap between the rich and the poor. The report underscores an urgent need for international collaboration to address rising inequalities and support the most vulnerable nations, emphasising the important role of investing in global public goods to foster a more inclusive recovery.


Concerns Rise Over EU's Financial Agreements with Tunisia and Egypt

The European Commission faces accusations for funding authoritarian leaders through migration and development deals, with €150m allegedly going directly to Tunisia's president. Concerns grow as a similar €7.4bn deal with Egypt is announced, intended to manage migration but feared to bypass democratic principles. MEPs criticise these "ad hoc" agreements for not considering democracy or human rights, urging for conditions on aid to ensure it supports the people and not autocratic rulers. The EU defends partnerships as essential for addressing regional challenges, amidst calls for greater oversight and democratic safeguards.


Attack on Navalny Aide in Lithuania Sparks Outrage and Accusations Against Moscow

Leonid Volkov, a top aide to the late Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny, was attacked outside his home in Vilnius, Lithuania, by a hammer-wielding assailant. The attack, which resulted in Volkov sustaining injuries including a broken arm and leg wounds, was condemned by Lithuanian officials and the US Ambassador to Lithuania as an act of intimidation. Lithuania's president linked the assault to Moscow, suggesting it was part of efforts to silence opposition ahead of Russia's presidential election. Despite the attack, Volkov vowed to continue working and not surrender, pointing the finger directly at Putin for the assault.


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