Fellow to Fellow - Ep. 1

Matthew Porcelli, MSc, CPP, CPOI, F.ISRM, FSyl

"Becoming a Fellow with The Institute of Strategic Risk Management (ISRM) in 2021 was not only an immense honor for me personally but also for many current and past Fellows within the ISRM. This designation is the highest level of membership within the ISRM, and is reserved for people who have made an outstanding contribution to the understanding and development of strategic risk and crisis management, are respected by their fellow professionals, and have made a contribution to the wider local and global community through their own activities.

With all such collective knowledge in the ISRM Fellowship roster, there became the inspiration to start a, "Fellow to Fellow," series where Fellow members of the ISRM would come together in partnership with our corporate partner, International Professional Security Association (IPSA), to have a strategic yet down to earth discussion on how and why we harness such a passion for crisis management.

Thank you to IPSA CEO Satia Rai F.ISRM DIR.IPSA for joining me in this inaugural episode!"