Behavioural Analysis 2023 Conference

A 3-day conference presenting examples of operational best practise, alongside the latest academic research, exploring how negative intent and potential security threats can be identified through… behavioural observation; human intuition; and, investigative interviewing.


Behavioural Analysis will, as always, help keep delegates in tune with the latest research into how hostile or criminal intent can be identified through the observation of behavioural indicators and the use of tactical risk analysis and non-racial profiling techniques. Delegates will benefit from:

  • Academic presentations - to increase understanding
  • Operational case studies - to aid deployment
  • Panel discussions - to stimulate debate
  • and live Q&A sessions - so you can have your say


Participate in the only security practitioners’ conference in the world exploring the benefits of behavioural analysis in order to:

  • Gain a fundamental understanding about behavioural detection techniques from leading experts in the security industry
  • Receive an in-depth update on the latest technologies that can help identify individuals with negative intent
  • Learn how the practice of behavioural detection can be applied across different industries
  • Improve the communication and questioning skills of your staff
  • See how approaches proven to be successful in mitigating acts of petty crime and/or deviant behaviour can also serve counter-terrorist operations
  • Develop strategies for the identification of insider threats
  • Improve the security of your organisation, while also protecting it more cost-effectively